Some tips to help you choose your first motorcycle purchase.

You are finally in the market to buy a new motorbike and that’s great news. The only difficulty that you have ahead of you now is choosing what brand and what kind of motorcycle that you would like. If motorbike riding is quite new to you then you might want to consider buying a bike that has a smaller engine until you get used to riding one on Australia’s roads. Once becomes second nature to you then you can always trade in your motorbike for something a little bigger.

There are many different brands to choose from like Royal Enfield motorbikes in Sydney and others, so you really do have to do your homework so that you make a sound choice when you hand over your hard-earned cash across the counter. To help you choose the right kind of motorbike to you, the following are just some tips that you might find useful.

  • Take a test ride – Just don’t buy a motorbike based on how it looks because that could be a big mistake due to the fact that you might not like how it rides and it might not be suitable for your particular height. Any good motorbike dealer will be more than happy to supply you with the bike that you’re thinking of buying for a test ride. Only then can you know if you and the bike are meant to be together.
  • Do price comparisons – Just because the sales man in the dealers tells you that this is the best price in town doesn’t mean that you have to believe them. Do your due diligence and shop around for different price comparisons in your local area and beyond. There could be savings to be had and it is an unusual for dealer’s prices to be quite different as you look around.
  • Remember to haggle – the sticker price isn’t necessarily the price that you have to pay and so don’t be scared to haggle because the answer can only be no. You won’t know until you ask if the price can come down or if you can get any other add-ons to make the purchase more attractive.

If you follow the above three tips then you should be able to drive away on a motorcycle that you know is perfect for you, it was the best price that you could get it at and you got lots of freebies thrown in as well.

Post Author: Lailah Ford