Food Packaging Films: What Are They And What Are Their Benefits?

There’s a lot of plastic that gets thrown away each year – and it’s not just single-use packaging like plastic bags and bottles. The food packaging film industry is growing rapidly, and it’s responsible for a big part of that waste. But what are food packaging films, and why do they matter? What Are Food […]

Choosing The Right Pipe For Your Building Project

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right pipe for your building project. For certain jobs you will need HDPE compound for pipe, and for others you can get away with PVC piping instead. PVC pipes are easy to cut and colour, while HDPE pipes are more durable and cost effective […]

What to Know About Socket Head Cap Screws

People use socket head cap screws for a number of applications because they are designed differently from normal screws. These screws have a hexagonal insert at the end, and they use a special type of wrench called a socket wrench or an Allen wrench. Although these are distinct differences that make them unique, there are […]

Working Out Exactly What You Need For Your Building Project

When planning a building project, it takes a lot of work to get everything in place before you start building. You will need to get the land, create plans for your building, receive planning permission, and you will also need to work out all the materials required to complete the project. Taking your time with […]

Railroad Companies Profiting In The Supply Chain Crisis

We are experiencing one of the greatest supply chain crises in the United States and one of the industries that is stepping up to fight the bottlenecks is the rail industry. The major freight carriers in the United States are fighting the good fight by increasing charges for stranded goods during a supply chain bottleneck, […]

Tips To Keep Miners Safe

The mining industry is one that is full of countless dangers. The MSHA is an organization dedicated to safe working conditions for miners. They have published a series of new guidelines to help keep miners safe including new guidance on  powered haulage safety. Powered haulage is responsible for around 35% of mining fatalities each year. […]

Giving Your Office A Makeover To Help Improve Productivity

You may be surprised at the effect a change of colour can have on our business, and there has been lots of research that shows the psychology of colour in the workplace. You can research yourself on the best colours to use, which will depend on the type of business you have. Whatever kind of […]

Tips To Find The Best Company To Help You With Team Building Events

There can be many advantages for your business when you have team building events for your employees, and it is something you will want to consider for your business. You can help encourage your employees to learn new skills that they can use in the workplace and bring everyone closer together to enhance collaboration and […]