Crane Hire Has Created Many Opportunities For Smaller Businesses.

It is true that everyone has to start from the bottom at the beginning and through hard work and some good luck, you can make your way to the top and continue running a very successful and profitable business. However, much like an employer wants years of experience before they can offer you a position and if you’re only starting out in life with no experience, you’re caught in a catch 22 situation. The same applies especially in the building industry and while there are many small contractors that would love to put in a tender for a much larger job, they are unable to because they don’t have the right kind of plant and machinery.

I am talking here specifically about the use of a large crane because it is needed for taller buildings where large girders need to be moved around as well as large amounts of building products. Smaller businesses had to move aside for the much larger counterparts but now everything has changed because there is now Perth crane hire and it is available to everyone. If you have been talking to your bank manager about purchasing a crane out right then hopefully the following reasons for hiring make a lot more sense.

  • No maintenance required – If you own the crane then there is lots of maintenance that needs to be carried out at the end of every job and it needs to be ongoing as well. It’s likely that you as the employer know very little about the inner workings of a crane and so you’re going to have to hire someone to take care of it. This can cost you an incredible amount of money and that’s the beauty about being able to hire a crane because the maintenance is not your concern.
  • It’s money in your pocket – A decent quality crane is going to cost you at least half $1 million at the bare minimum and it could be more. This is money tied up in a single piece of plant and it could be money that you could be investing elsewhere in your business to help it grow. When you take advantage of crane hire then you don’t have to worry about paying a lump sum to purchase it out right.

It makes far more financial sense to hire a crane for the day or longer and you can always factor it into the contract price that you will hopefully get, now that you have access to this large piece of plant and machinery.

Post Author: Lailah Ford