What to Know About Socket Head Cap Screws

People use socket head cap screws for a number of applications because they are designed differently from normal screws. These screws have a hexagonal insert at the end, and they use a special type of wrench called a socket wrench or an Allen wrench. Although these are distinct differences that make them unique, there are others as well.

They Are Versatile

One of the reasons that people use a socket head cap screw is that they have a square tip and can fit into different applications. The actual differences are minor, but when you use a socket screw, you get a combination of better performance and the benefits of features that exist with hex fasteners. They are easier to use, and they are especially popular in tight spaces where a standard wrench or tools won’t fit.

They Have Different Names

Although the technical name is socket head cap screw, these screws go by several other names as well. They may be called cap head socket screws, basic socket cap screws, or hex socket head screws. All of these terms describe the unique features of the screw. They have a hexagonal socket along with a cylindrical barrel-shaped head, and the diameter of the head is around 1 to 1.2 times larger than the diameter of the nominal thread.

The socket head cap screws are used in industrial production and assembly lines and are popular in furniture manufacturing, steel fabrication, the automotive industry, and machine tooling applications. One reason is that it is easy to install them, tighten them, and loosen them. They have significant clamping strength that can last for a long time.

They also have different names because people identify them by the hex drive hole. It is easy to distinguish socket head screw caps from the others, so they are called by different names to be more descriptive. They are threaded across the entire shank, which makes it easy to select them if you know what you are looking for.

What People Use Them For

These screws are usually used in applications when the head needs to be recessed into a counterbored hold. This allows a clean look without screws poking out of furniture, and the head is flush with the surface.

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Post Author: Lailah Ford