What are the Common Causes of Tooth Wear? 

Wear and tear is a normal process and it takes place with almost all the elements. Similarly, teeth also wear down as we age. It is a normal thing and nothing much to worry about, but if the wearing is at a faster pace, then it might be a reason for concern. It can be destructive if the wearing is at a faster pace, and therefore, in this case, you need to pay attention to treat it and reduce the harm to your teeth. 

In this article, we will understand the common causes of tooth wearing and how it can affect your dental health to a large extent. If you are in Akron, you can also consult a dental clinic in Akron, OH, to learn more about the causes and remedies of tooth wear. 

What is Tooth Wear? 

Tooth wearing is when there is a loss of tooth substance or tissue due to any bacterial infection or the result of chemical and mechanical processes. It is a process that takes place as a natural process of aging. However, if the destruction speed is very high, then you should consider consulting a dentist for your solutions.

What are the common causes of tooth wearing? 

  • Abrasion: It is a mechanical reaction of physical action against the teeth and gums. It may also lead to receding of gums and therefore, it is important that we take care of our teeth with abrasion. Some of the causes of tooth wear are when you are brushing too hard, chewing hard things like pen, nail-biting, chewing toothpicks, or any other hard substance that leads to abrasion.
  • Attrition: It is a process in which there is a mechanical cause of wear and tear in the teeth. There are some significant actions such as tooth clenching, bruxism, and tooth grinding that can lead to attrition.  
  • Erosion: It is a process that is the primary reason for tooth wearing. It occurs when there is an acid reaction on the teeth that leads to erosion. This process can be intrinsic and extrinsic but the impact of erosion is severe on the teeth. Some of the intrinsic erosion takes place due to chronic vomiting, gastric acid reflux, and many more. On the other hand, the extrinsic sources are external acidic foods and drinks, certain medications, aspirin, and other things that can release acid. 

How to Detect Worn Down Teeth? 

  • Sensitive teeth or severe pain in the teeth.
  • Teeth becoming yellow or discolored. 
  • Abscesses 
  • Jaw ache or headache. 
  • Changes in the shape of teeth. 

These are considered as some of the signs of worn down teeth and if you are finding these signs, then it is important that you consult an expert doctor for your treatment. 

Post Author: Lailah Ford