Tips While Sailing Viking 22 Boat

Viking 22 is a modern-looking boat with excellent accommodations. It is the perfect choice for someone adventurous and young at heart. If you plan on sailing on this sports boat, here are some tips you must remember.

Get familiar with the basic sailing terms

Before you start sailing on your Viking 22, make sure you have read up on some of the most important and basic sailing terms. Getting to grips with these terms will help you understand the information imparted by your instructor more easily, and you will get the most out of your sessions.

Follow the instructions

Don’t try to teach yourself when you hit the water. Not only is it time-consuming and costly, but it can also be dangerous. You should invest some time learning the basics of manoeuvring the Viking 22 from books and guides, but the practical information should come from an experienced, professional sailor.

Start in calm, quiet waters

It is perhaps the best tip for sailing beginners. For a beginner, starting in rough, crowded waters won’t help. You will be surrounded by boats with skilled sailors and yachters who know what they are doing and all that can intimidate you. If you have just begun sailing on your Viking 22 boat, start out in conditions where the traffic is low and the winds are light. The safest option is perhaps a contained marina.

Check conditions

Once you feel comfortable going out alone on your Viking 22, it is a good idea to check the weather conditions beforehand. Carefully check all the information concerning wind and tides so that you are ready to face whatever is coming your way. You can also use other boats as telltales. Observe the angles at which they are sailing. It will help you understand the wind angles on different parts of the racecourse.


Yes, it’s necessary if you have planned to venture off alone! You should really have already practised how to deal with your boat capsizing. It should be practised in a controlled environment where help is at hand rather than in open waters. You might capsize at some point, so a test capsize will only help you confront this eventuality with skill and confidence.

Boom or bust

Be careful about the boom, as it can cause injury, sending you overboard. The boom is the horizontal pole extending from the bottom of a mast. It is most commonly responsible for overboard injuries, so always watch out for it. It might help you avoid a major headache or worse.

Safety first

No matter how adventurous you are, your safety is of paramount importance. There is always a set of safety precautions for you to follow, irrespective of the level of experience you have. These include wearing a floatation jacket, informing people of your intention to go out on the water, and of course, being able to swim. Be a responsible sailor, and don’t ignore any of these.

Always maintain a lookout

Although it seems like an obvious thing to do, it’s just a reminder! Always look out for where you are heading. Sailing on a Viking 22 is fun, and you might find yourself completely immersed in the sport, but there are plenty of other boats around you. So, maintain a careful lookout and keep both ears and eyes open to prevent potential collisions. Always maintain a safe speed so that you have sufficient time to respond to danger.


A Viking 22 is a fun sports boat to sail on a sunny afternoon. We hope that the tips mentioned above make your sailing experience on Viking 22 sailboat a safe and thrilling one. Wait, we might just add one more tip. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Post Author: Lailah Ford