The Things That a Pool Certifier Will Check For In Your Swimming Pool

 If you have your own swimming pool in your garden then you are very fortunate indeed and this means that you can take a dip any time that you like and that includes early in the morning or late in the evening after work. It’s likely that you invested in the swimming pool not just for yourself but for your other family members and friends. It is important that you accept the responsibility of making sure that all of these people are safe at all times.

You can’t be expected to know and understand what it is that makes a pool area unsafe and so this is why we turn to pool certifiers in Sydney because they have many years of experience behind them and they understand the many safety aspects of owning your own swimming pool. If your untrained eye can’t seem to spot any issues with your current setup then the following are just some of the things that are pool certifier will check for you in your private swimming pool.

  • An unsafe ladder – Your swimming pool will have a ladder for climbing in and out and so this has to be firmly fixed to the swimming pool wall. Over time, the water tends to rust the bolts and nuts that hold everything together and if these come loose at an inopportune moment then someone can really get hurt. Your certifier will make sure that it is properly held in place and if it isn’t then they will tell you.
  • Safety recommendations – It is crucial that you are able to give assistance to someone if they run into difficulties while swimming in your pool and so your pool certifier will point out where it is that you need to have flotation devices and they may even suggest that you install a pool fence around the swimming area to keep people and animals out when you are not there.
  • Cracked & loose tiles – Tiles like these can be incredibly dangerous and can cause a nasty cut to both children and adults alike. You will find them at the bottom of your swimming pool and around the swimming area where the kids run around freely.

You are liable for anything that happens in and around your swimming pool even when someone who wasn’t invited into the pool area. This is why you need to take all actions to make sure that the area is safe for everyone.

Post Author: Lailah Ford