Some Of The Amazing Lego Creator Sets You Can Buy

There are many fantastic Lego kits available to buy, ad when you are a Lego Creator expert, you can build almost anything out of these small plastic blocks. Some of the kits you can get are ultra-realistic and require skill and expertise to build, so they are not always suitable for children. When you are looking for a new challenging Lego build to keep you occupied, try some of the options below that can stretch your skills when building them.

Build The Colosseum

An excellent option if you also love your history is choosing the Lego Colosseum as your next building project, which is packed full of authentic details. It is suitable for older Lego creatives and has a whopping 9036 pieces, meaning it will take quite some time to complete. The model measures 27cm x 52cm x 59cm, and once complete, you can keep it on display or dismantle it so you can enjoy building it again.

Build The Taj Mahal

Another stunning historical building you can create in Lego is the Taj Mahal, the famous Indian mausoleum that is spectacular when you visit it. You can recreate the beauty of the Taj Mahal in Lego, and this set contains 5923 pieces that will keep you occupied for a few hours building it. The Lego Taj Mahal measures 43cm x 51cm x 51cm, and it is suitable for Lego fans 16 years and over.

Build The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Another fantastic-looking and realistic Lego building you can create is the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the home of the Real Madrid Football Club. The Lego set contains 5876 pieces, and you can open up the stadium once built to access everything inside. It measures 14cm x 44cm x 38cm, and it is packed full of features and looks realistic compared to the actual stadium. It is suitable for adults and expert Lego builders and can provide hours of fun when you build it.

Build Old Trafford

For the Manchester United fans, you can also have their stadium, Old Trafford, in Lego, which you can make and display in your home. The set contains 3898 pieces, and it is suitable for Lego makers 16 years and older. Once complete, the stadium measures 18.5cm x 47cm x 39cm, and it is another ultra-realistic design packed with lots of features. You can enjoy hours of fun building this fantastic-looking stadium; on average, it takes around eight hours to complete.

Post Author: Lailah Ford