Make memories to last a lifetime when whale watching in Sydney

Australia continues to capture the imagination. Whether visiting as a holidaymaker or a resident in an amazing country, there is never a shortage of things to do or get excited about.

The NSW capital has more of its fair share of fun to spread around. While some may love the nightlife of the city, there are those who also adore nature. What better way for them to enjoy total joy and excitement that will live with them for years to come, than to head out whale watching in Sydney?

It’s one thing saying that whale watching would be a great way to spend up to 3 hours, but it’s no use at all if a beginner or without a vessel. Even then there are strict regulations to adhere to, such as not getting within 100m of the magnificent mammals. Well, fortunately enough, there is a company that knows how to get the best possible results from such a voyage.

They have the advantage of 19 years of experience with a crew that knows exactly what they are doing and who are able and willing to impart their knowledge so as many people as possible can also fall in love with the experience, which is simply perfect as a family activity. It is truly the ultimate sensory experience.

Maybe some aboard one of the 3 custom designed ocean-going catamarans that deliver 360’ views, might get the chance to capture the whales enjoying their aerobics while the vessel provides comfort, speed, and safety for its passengers. The trips are carried out responsibly and are respectful of some of the most staggeringly beautiful of all sea creatures while the waters of the Pacific form the perfect background scenery.

The informative expedition sets sail from Darling Harbour, and while there is no guarantee to see the humpback whales as they migrate and then return between May and November, every effort is made to see them breaking the surface to come up for air. There are also regular sightings of dolphins and orcas to captivate and make dreams come true as everyone enjoys the relaxed trip. There are benefits for those who book online via the website which carries some generous discounts.

Heading out to sea from the centre of Sydney on a modern vessel to see passing whales is an incredible experience open to everyone that is guaranteed to create memories to last a lifetime.

Post Author: Lailah Ford