Different Types Of Cars You Can Make Into A Fantastic Cake

If a member of your family is having a birthday soon and they are a petrolhead, you may want to consider getting them a custom-made cake for their birthday in the style of their favourite car. The standard of cake making is so high that if you use the services of a quality cake maker, the cake will look ultra-realistic and will make a fantastic surprise for their birthday. There are many different cars you choose for your cake that they will love to have for their birthday, and some of the most popular options are below.

A Beautiful Bentley

If the person you are getting the cake for loves luxurious cars, then an excellent choice would be a car cake in the shape of a Bentley. The car brand is synonymous with luxury, and it will make a perfect centrepiece for your celebration. You can have the Bentley in any colour you wish, so you can choose the favourite colour of the person you are getting the car for and make them love it even more. There will be lots of options of flavours you can choose, including chocolate, vanilla, and lemon, and you can also select various fillings, including:

  • Raspberry Jam
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Swiss Buttercream

LA Ferrari

If the person you are buying the car cake for is more of a fan of Ferraris, you can also get them a LA Ferrari cake that will look fantastic. As with the Bentley, you can select any colour you wish for the cake, and you can also have the same flavours that you can get for other cakes. However, you do not have to choose the Ferrari for the cake, and you can select any model that you wish for the cake. If it is a less well-known model, ensure you have some pictures to give the cake designer so they can make a realistic-looking Ferrari cake for you.

A Classic VW

Many people love VW, and they have a few iconic models that people enjoy, such as a VW Camper or a Beetle. You can have a VW car cake made in the favourite colour of the person who is celebrating and select their favourite flavours for the cake and filling. The best cake designers will often get booked out quickly, so you will need to enquire early and book your cake to ensure you avoid getting disappointed. However, the car you choose for the cake does not have to be a real one, and there are various designs from TV and the movies you can select for the cake.

An Iconic Batmobile Cake

An excellent choice for someone that loves Batman is choosing a Batmobile cake that will make their eyes pop. You do not get to select the colour of the cake, as the Batmobile is black, but you can choose the flavour of the sponge and the filling inside the cake. These cakes are so realistic that they look more like a child’s toy than a cake you can eat. Whatever vehicle you decide to get to celebrate their birthday, the lucky recipient will love their cake, and it will help make their birthday more special and memorable.

Post Author: Lailah Ford